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Instructions to Recover Account Password in QuickBooks

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Intuit introduced QuickBooks to ease the accounting or bookkeeping tasks for a small or medium business owners. As it is cheap so it saves time and money to get rid of all the hassle from hiring an accountant and put him/her on a payroll, hence keeping business costs to minimum.

Qbooks work on the basis of admin password, it means only one person can operate on a single account. It also has option to make multilevel users under it to work efficiently. Forgetting admin is one of the common issues face by a user. Here are the instructions for how to recover the password in case of any mishap.

There are two ways to recover password –

1)  It can be tackled in  the QuickBooks itself by clicking the link next to password saying “I forgot my password”

User also has an option to set a secret question on answering it the account is recovered back.

If not, a temporary code is send to user’s email id to check the authenticity of the person. On entering the code account is back in working mode

2)  Other way is download QuickBooks automated Password Reset tool. It is free software to reset password. It takes all the required information like Qbooks license number, email address, business phone number, zip code etc.

There are free web based forums where a user learn precautions to make sure future problems are avoided

·  Do not use the same Qbooks password on any other site

·  Avoid clicking on links from unknown source, they might contain malicious files

·  Always update the system and use a certified antivirus for the system

·  Never install third party software for any kind of system optimization

If the user is finding any difficulty in understanding the instruction, official QuickBooks Tech Support Phone is available full time to help their customer in need and resolve any account related issues.